This series has no faces- it is to be left to your imagination- your fantaSEE. What ever you visualize in your minds eye is what ever your fantasy is. You enter into your own galaxy. You create your own story.

Was showcased at the Holy Apostles Ballroom New York  Oct,31, 2015 

The Set NYC presents: Fantasy Galaxy Con. Saturday, Oct 31, 2015 starting 7pm. At the Holy Apostles Ballroom in Chelsea, Manhattan, 296 9th Ave, by 28th Street. A benefit event to end child trafficking for Creating a safer world for children using Manga comic books in the classrooms. A fashion, lolita, art & cosplay networking showcase in New York City. 

Attendees receive one complimentary cocktail! Featuring a JEDI VS. SITH Light Saber Battle, Please Bring your own LIGHT Sabers