Whatever is a series of Gylliayn Art books that have her Art combined with her thoughts.

Gylliayn, if you  have met her is kind of a rebel. 

She translates awareness through her art. You will find her saying something off beat to the effect that you may not have realized up until now that she was actually speaking to you.  That , she resonated with you.

That is what WHATEVER series is about.   

No I am NOT hungry at noon.

Why are men still wearing ties? 

When I randomly walk around , I look up. 

Most are looking down at their phones.

I look up at the beautiful  detail of these buildings that have been built way before I was born. 

I look at the sky.

WOW, we are connected to this mass universe.

So much shit blows me away that we dont notice the flick of a switch turns on our lights.

WHATEVER is a statement.







"Listen to your inner voice, your inner GPS.  If  you follow someone else path, nothing will ever change.

You are here to use your gifts.  YOUR gifts. The universe will make room for you when you are ready.

When you stop doubting yourself." 

I  have written books with all my art  series. 

Great coffee table books, conversation starters, insights , things that make you go hmmmm, and reflect. 

As well, the apparel .  I  have designed clothes to inspire and wear THE message.

I hope you come back as I am launching Spring 2017. Starting with my NY Subway Train Series.

Thank You for all your support.